Rain Insurance

What It Is

Rain insurance protects outdoor events such as county fairs, tractor pulls, private parties or concerts against revenue loss due to rain. To determine how much insurance is needed, fixed expenses, total revenue, and profits need to be considered.

How It Works

  • The policy must be written and the premium paid at least fourteen days in advance.
  • The insured period will be for a minimum of three hours and a maximum of twelve hours.
  • The times of day the coverage begins and ends must be on the application.
  • The rain insurance rates will be quoted for one tenth, one quarter, or one half of an inch of precipitation.*
  • A rain gauge will be set up at the site of the insured event and will be monitored by a company representative or a disinterested third party (as agreed to by the company) during the prescribed time.
  • Rates are dependent upon the time of year, hour(s) of day or night, and the county in which the event is held.
* Precipitation includes snow, sleet, and hail, and will be measured in accordance with the same method used by the National Weather Service.