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In light of all of the severe weather, damaging winds and hail, Premier would like to remind all customers to please check your fields and notify your agent of any damage as soon as possible. The entire state of Wisconsin and beyond has seen some sort of hit from damage it seems in the last week, and we want to be sure that we have everything documented and covered as needed to process claims efficiently and timely. STAY SAFE!


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2017 A Year of Perils: Quality and Damage Awareness and Review

With the range of perils we have all experienced this season, the potential for the plant to be opened up to disease through the growing season is very possible. Please[…]

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Are you Planting Fall Forage Seeding?

A number of producers have begun planting fall forage seeding to establish their forage crops. Note, this is ONLY insurable through a written agreement. Here are the steps: Contact your[…]

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What to do if you have WINTER KILL on Wheat or Forage?

If you have insurance on your winter wheat and/or APH forage, please inspect your acreage as it comes out of dormancy this spring. It is your responsibility to call your[…]

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