Crops For Sale

All kinds of hay for sale

4x5 Round bales

no rain, stored inside, net wrapped, roto chopped. 1st,2nd, 3rd crop.

2nd,3rd,4th crop baleage

We have 1st/ 2nd and 3rd crop Alfalfa $75. Grass/Alfalfa mix $75. Low moisture silage bales $50. Northwestern WI

Wheat straw 4’x5’ round bales

$40 each.

Soybean fodder 4’x5’ round bales

$25 each.

alfalfa mix

Quality second and third crop alfalfa mix, small square bales.

Small Square Bales

Small square bales of 2nd cutting hay and small square bales of wheat straw for sale.

Big square bales

Big square bales of third crop hay grass alfalfa mix

Clean wheat straw

No rain. Big squares, little squares, rounds.

Baleage for Sale

3X4 Bales, 35% to 45% moisture, 21% protein, 160 RFV.

Large Squares of Alfalfa Hay

available, Arkdale Area. $70/bale.

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