About Us

Premier Insurance Solutions, LLC

Premier Insurance Solutions was founded by Dave Kilpatrick and Craig Ladwig in 2003 based on giving customers premier service. Over the years, Premier has grown to be an agency with fourteen agents specializing only in crop insurance who service policies across Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan,Tennessee, and Iowa.
All companies and agencies have identical prices; however, what sets us apart is our devotion to provide our customers with a level of service and knowledge exceeding our competition. A solid understanding of the policy gives our customers the confidence to make critical insurance decisions to protect their future.

“Tracy Spotts, our Premier agent, has been great to work with. She has an excellent knowledge base of the crop insurance industry. Tracy’s service is prompt and professional. She is always willing to help and answer any questions we may have. We have enjoyed working with Tracy and look forward to it in the future.”

Our Services

  • We write policies with six Multi-Peril and Hail companies, all of which have great adjusters with exceptional claim service and are financially strong.

  • All of the companies we write with offer great mapping programs. We can map your entire farm, free of charge, and you will be given a booklet containing maps of all of your fields. This will assist you in your farm management, tracking your crop inputs, along with helping you with your crop insurance.

  • Premier Insurance Solutions provides bi-yearly newsletters to keep you informed throughout the year.

  • Mailings will be sent out with any changes throughout the year.

  • Farmer to Farmer is a free advertising space in our newsletter and website to allow you to advertise products for sale or a way for you to look for something to buy.

  • Premier offers five $1000 scholarships to high school seniors and college students pursuing higher education.