Odds & Ends For Sale

100 Agromatic 18in Barn Cleaner Paddles


12ft Dozer Blade

For 30 – 50 series John Deere articulated tractors.

15,000-bushel Grain Bin

33ft in diameter. Asking price: $1500

17 – Young Stock Self-lockers

34 Ft

2 – Demco Lil-Thumper

Dual piston pumps, ground driven contact Jeff for more info.

5-Ton Feed Bin

2 years old, 8ft or 10ft auger, 4 in

8-Hub Piloted Truck Wheels

Steel, white wheels. Size 22.5 New.

8′ Stainless Steel Hog Feeders

Asking price: $100

Badger Unloader Parts

2 rebuilt collector rings & gearboxes, auger knives etc.

Chrome Bumper

For a 379 Peterbilt. Call if interested.

Dickey John NH3 Cooler

With controls and some spare parts.

GM 6-Cylinder Gas Engine Generator

3ph, 220v, 30kw generator. Asking price: $1500

Good Year Tire

18.4 R42 D710. Best offer.

Harvestor Overhead Center Fill Pipe

For a 20 Ft silo.

Hoof Trimming Shoot

With self-locking head locks. Asking price: $1000

Row Cleaners

For a 6-row JD 7000 corn planter.

Semi Resonator

For any semi. 5 in. inlet/outlet. Call if interested

Weaverline 420 Electric Feed Cart

Used on a 50-cow dairy. 1,850 hours. Asking price: $2000

Westfield Auger

8 in. X 56 ft. with PTO drive. Best offer.

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