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Hail and Wind Options

This past season we saw a number of areas sustain significant wind damage. Wind is a covered peril under the Multi-Peril Federal Crop Insurance policy, to the extent that it causes a loss. By that I mean at the end of the season, we look at what was harvest-able production and compare it to your…
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Dairy Revenue Protection

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) is a new tool that helps provide dairy producers protection from a decline in quarterly revenue from milk sales. DRP strictly covers milk prices and does not use a feed cost or margin of profit like other products. DRP is also much more customizable than other dairy coverages. With DRP there…
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Dairy Revenue Protection is Here!

Dairy Revenue Protection Looking for a product that offers revenue protection for your dairy operation?  New this fall, Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) gives you a new tool to protect your dairy operation.  DRP gives you an expected revenue based off the CME at the time of purchase for specific quarters and determines actual revenue based…
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