Do you have Winter kill on Wheat or Forage?

If you have insurance on your winter wheat and/or APH forage, please inspect your fields as it comes out of dormancy this spring. If you have winter kill and are planning on destroying any wheat or forage, we need an adjuster to inspect the acreage BEFORE you destroy the crop.  Failing to have an adjuster inspect can cost claim dollars and affect your APH.

You have the option to plant and insure a second crop after the failed wheat crop, but some rules to indemnity payouts and premium owed will apply. If you were unable to plant your wheat last fall and claimed prevent plant, keep in mind you are not eligible to claim PP for a crop in the spring.  You may also run into some eligibility issues if you had failed wheat that uses up base acres. 

 As always, contact your agent if you think you fall into any of these issues and your agent will walk you through the process and go over the rules more in depth.