Let’s Talk Prevent Plant & Replant: The Tale of 2019

Prevent Plant Coverage

To say we have had a wet spring is an understatement! The prevent plant option that is included in your policy, may be an option for you to consider in 2019.

Changes to Prevent Plant (PP):  In 2018, the basic prevent plant coverage for corn was reduced from 60% to 55% of your guarantee.  Soybeans remain at 60%. 

Prevent Plant Qualifications:

  1. PP must be common to the area, and the acres prevented must be the lesser of 20 acres or 20% of the insurable acres in the unit. If you have an enterprise unit with over 100 acres planted, you must have at least 20 acres of PP located some place in the unit to qualify.
  2. You cannot claim prevent plant until after the final plant date listed in the county actuarial.  
  3. You have 25 days after the final plant date to continue trying to plant, however your guarantee is reduced 1% per day on corn and soybeans. 
  4. You can file a PP claim anytime after the final plant date or anytime during the 25-day late plant period, but not later than 72 hours after the end of the 25-day late plant period.
  5. If you choose to plant a second crop or a cover crop that will be harvested before November 1st on the PP acres, you will only receive 35% of the prevent plant payment & get 60% of your APH plugged into your APH database.
  6. Eligible PP acres are determined by using the highest number of acres that you have planted in the last four (4) years for that crop.  An added land factor is used if you have added new land to your operation.  Call us to help you determine base acres.
  7. Acreage must be insurable. This means an insurable crop must have been planted and harvested in any one of the three previous crop years. If you claimed PP on the same acreage in 2016, 2017, and 2018, that acreage will be ineligible for PP payment for 2019.

PP Payment: APH X Level X Base Price X (55% for Corn and 60% for SB) 

If you purchased an extra 5% coverage (PF) by March 15th then use 60% for corn and 65% for SB.

Replant Coverage

Must contact agent/adjuster PRIOR to replanting to be eligible for payment or payment will be denied.

Starting in 2018:  It will normally be considered practical to replant during the first 10 days of the late plant period.  For corn in Wisconsin, it would normally be June 10.

  1. Must be 20 acres or 20% of the unit, whichever is less.
  2. Corn or soybeans planted before the initial plant date are not eligible for a replant payment. (example in WI: April 11 for corn and April 26 for soybeans)
  3. When your crop is replanted, you keep the initial plant date for coverage purposes.
  4. If your plant count is 90% or higher of your Actual Production History (APH), the company will not pay for replant.
  5. Replant coverage pays:
  • Corn: 8 bushels X spring price (or $32/acre for 2019)
  • Soybeans: 3 bushels X spring price (or $28.62/acre for 2019)

Please contact your agent immediately so we can discuss your options and file a claim.  PP and replant claims cannot be turned in at acreage reporting time.