What to do if you have WINTER KILL on Wheat or Forage?

If you have insurance on your winter wheat and or APH forage, please inspect your fields as it comes out of dormancy this spring. If you are planning on destroying any wheat or forage, we need an adjuster to inspect the acreage BEFORE you destroy the crop. You have the option to plant and insure a second crop after the first failed crop.  Special rules apply, please call your agent to discuss your options.

*Fall Forage Seeding is available by written agreement
*If you have uninsured and insured acres this year, be sure to keep the production records on both
*Call your agent to open a claim (wheat, spring or fall forage seeding)

Spring Forage Seeding:
•Sign up by March 15, 2019
•Plant in spring, covered till May 21, 2020
•Dollar amount of coverage with no deductible
•Covers acreage damaged, doesn’t average total planted acreage together
•Loss is determined by stand count the following spring